GoodMorning VGrains contains

18 types of whole grains

Brown rice, red rice, red bean, wheat, millet, black sesame, corn, chia seed, glutinous rice, mung bean, green bean, flaxseed, lotus seed, job’s tears, soya bean, walnut,  apricot kernel, black bean


7 unique ingredients

Purple Sweet Potato – Rich in anthocyanins, and high in antioxidants, a natural colouring.



  Blueberry – Helps to delay the effects of aging and improves vision.



  Lutein – Enhances visual function and for eye protection.



  Soya Lecithin – Strengthen cell function and promotes brain health.



  Prebiotic Inulin – Helps the growth of good bacteria, boosts the immune system.



 Calcium – Teeth and bones development.



  Fibersol-2 – Helps to increase daily fibre intake, promotes bowel movement.




Recommended for :

  Kids from 1 years old and above, children, adult and elderly

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